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Exercises To Do Daily To Improve Your Swing

While there are an unending number of exercises you can do to increase your strength for your golf swing, there are some that are better than others for improving golf swings. Oftentimes, we recommend basic stretching to begin your training program before you begin a strength program. While practicing your swing and different shots is obviously the most important aspect of training, strength-training is also a critical aspect of improving your golf game. Your shots can be as accurate as possible, but if they can’t get there, it damages your score. Here, our golf professionals at Burl Oaks Golf Club will explain different exercises you can do to enhance your golf swing.

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How to Increase Your Swing Power

There are many different ways to go about increasing the power of your golf stroke. To increase your swing power, you should practice frequently and use a variety of tools to work on strengthening your swing. Here, our experts at Burl Oaks Golf Club will go over some of the best tools to use when you’re aiming to improve your swing power.

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Golf Club Fittings Aren’t Just for Pros

When you love golf, you want to do everything you can to stay on top of your game. You spend time practicing your swing and dedicate plenty of time to the game. But have you ever thought of investing in custom golf clubs?

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How to Hone Your Golf Skills During the Winter

While the casual golfer may not realize how important practicing their golf swing is year-round, dedicated golfers know how crucial it is to constantly be looking for ways to improve. However, living in Minnesota poses its challenges. We typically spend upwards of six months in the frozen tundra, battling snow and cold all the while trying to maintain a normal life and keep up with hobbies. 

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4 Golf Trends for 2023

The golf world has undergone many changes since the COVID-19 Pandemic, and our experts expect these four trends to continue developing in 2023.

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Planning A Corporate Golfing Event

Is your business or other organization planning an event to bring everyone together? Have you considered hosting a golfing event for this purpose? Business organizations of all kinds use golf events to build morale, teamwork, raise money, and more.

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Do Golf Lessons Really Help?

Have you ever thought about signing up for golf lessons? Don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re just for beginners. It’s a common misconception that if you’re signing up for lessons, it means you’re a novice or you’re a high handicap golfer.

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What Is Proper Golf Etiquette?

It’s no secret that golf is one of the oldest, most respected sports in the world. With that, you probably already know that there’s a set of rules and common etiquette that golfers are expected to follow, especially at country clubs or with older golfers who grew up and found their love for the game when proper golf etiquette was at the forefront of every golfer’s mind. However, if you’re new to the game or learned it from a loved one outside of a country club where things are set in stone, you might not know some of these common etiquette expectations.

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9 Mental Golf Tips

Like every sport, golf is about more than just simple athletics. There’s a mental component to every physical game, and golf is no exception. In many ways, golf has more of a psychological component than most sports. That’s why when you’re working on improving your swing, it’s important to remember the mental side of the sport.

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How Should You Spend National Golf Month?

In some states, golf wanes in the late summer months heading into fall. However, in Minnesota, many continue to golf right up until the first snow hits. We never know how long our winters will last, and many want to get in as much golf as possible.

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