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Corporate Golf Outing

How to Speed Up a Slow Round

If you are experiencing a slow round of golf and holding up golfers behind you, there are a few things you can do to speed up your round to help everyone on the course.

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How Should You Spend National Golf Month?

In some states, golf wanes in the late summer months heading into fall. However, in Minnesota, many continue to golf right up until the first snow hits. We never know how long our winters will last, and many want to get in as much golf as possible.

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Why You Should Host Your Wedding At Burl Oaks

When you think of your dream wedding, you may envision it happening in front of your loved ones, looking over acres of rolling hills and green grass. At Burl Oaks Golf Club, our premier facilities have hosted scores of weddings and receptions. We offer an array of amenities to ensure your wedding day is as beautiful as you’ve always imagined. Here, we will go over the advantages of hosting your wedding at Burl Oaks.

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Taking Relief: 2019 Golf Rule Changes

In order to clear up any inconsistencies or questions the game of golf has year-to-year, the United States Golf Association (USGA) creates and changes rules to allow the game to be played and understood with more ease. Every avid golfer and fan should take the time to review the changes so we can all properly enjoy the game we love. Below, you will find a continuation of the 2019 changes to the Rules of Golf. For an in-depth analysis of the rule changes, visit this article on USGA’s site.

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How Do We Keep Our Greens In Such Good Condition?

Perfect putting greens are every golfer’s dream. They can make or break a shot, ultimately affecting the score and outcome of a competition. Creating the perfect green is complicated and involves many factors, such as proper hydration, fertilization, cultivation, mowing, and many other aspects.

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2019 Golf Rule Changes: Ball At Rest & In Motion Rule Changes

Every year, there are updates to the Rules of Golf. The USGA breaks down the new regulations and the reasoning for them on their site, allowing players and fans of all ages and skill levels to learn the tiny details of the game they love.

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How to Plan a Corporate Golfing Event

As you plan your corporate golf event, try to plan the event months in advance, form a golf committee to help you with the details, decide the number of people that will attend, and work with the event coordinator at the golf club.

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