Putting is one of the most difficult, yet important aspects in the game of golf. A putt can make or break your score, especially when it comes to putting from one of the most difficult aspects of the course, the rough. Here, our experts at Burl Oaks Golf Club will go over some techniques to help you when your shot lands in the rough.

●      Chip Shot Technique

Though it may seem strange to attempt a chip shot with your putter, when done correctly, it can help you get near your target. As the putter is not shaped like a traditional club, you have to adjust your swing and technique so you get the same result with a different club. If you are right-handed, drop your left shoulder, place your weight on the same foot, approach your stroke and follow through. Do the opposite of that if you are left-handed. With this approach, you can potentially hit the ball with power, but low enough to the ground so it hopefully won’t overshoot the target.

●      Using A Driver

Many golfers have found additional success when putting from the rough by using their driver instead of their traditional putter. In the rough, the grass is higher and more rugged, making shots more difficult. By using your biggest club, the driver, it is easier to cut through the grass to get a better shot off. Using the driver effectively for such a short shot takes a great deal of practice and persistence. Drivers are designed to hit the ball with power and accuracy, so having an accurate shot with less power is difficult, but it can be done.

●      Change Your Grip

Though changing your grip can be difficult, it is by far the most popular way to approach hitting a ball in the rough. The typical grip used for this type of stroke is called a Cross-Handed Putting Grip. If you are right-handed, with this grip, you would place your right hand on top with your thumb on top, and your left hand directly below in the same manner. The opposite should be done if you are left-handed. Using this grip allows you to keep your wrists straight, while not exerting too much power, and hitting the ball hard enough that it gets out of the rough and into better playing conditions.

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