As many successful golfers will tell you, the key to long-term success is consistency. Developing routines particular to your golf game is crucial to achieving your goals in the long run. While each athlete will have their own routine specific to their style of play and talents, there are a few things you should keep in mind when developing the routine that works best for you.


Our experts find that the more simple your routine is, the better. This allows you to have a clear mind and sound approach, which leads to improved results down the road. Here, our golf experts at Burl Oaks Golf Club will discuss what you should incorporate in a pre-shot routine to enhance your golf game.

Steps to Develop The Routine Best for You

Everybody’s golf game is unique and needs to be handled as such. The routines you develop as you continue to grow in this sport will shape your results. Properly aiming and aligning each of your shots is critical to success, and you should constantly practice these techniques to achieve your goals. The actions we will recommend for your pre-shot routine should be done in the same order we have them listed. Here are those specific actions:


●        Find Your Target Line

Finding your target line is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your golf swing. Without the target line, your golf shot could go off-line, which could negatively affect your score. We recommend standing behind your golf ball and analyzing the area you want it to land. From there, try to hold your club of choice in front of you vertically to find the area you want to strike the ball on.

●        Align the Face of Your Club

After you have found your target line, you need to align your shot with your clubface. As you know, where you strike the ball on the club head is crucial to a successful shot. If you have found your target line, you’ll be able to imagine yourself swinging and practice swinging. These steps will help you get the best shot possible.

●        Align Yourself With the Shot

Once you have found your target line and lined up your clubface, you need to align your body with the shot. Make sure your hips, legs, feet, and your shoulders are nearly parallel to the target line you’re aiming for. From there, get into your swing stance and get ready to swing.

●        Check That Each of the First Three Steps are Done Properly Before Swinging

Before you swing, be sure to double-check you have done each of the three steps above. No matter how well you end up striking the ball when you swing, as long as you have done the three steps above, you should still end up with a shot that will stay aligned with your target.

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