We all know your putting stroke is arguably your most important golf stroke. You can recover from a poor drive, but it is nearly impossible to recover from a bad putt. When you are on the green, it’s crucial you get your score as low as possible. While the putting stroke important, it’s also the most difficult to master. Even the slightest change in your putting stroke could throw off your putt, negatively impacting your final score. Here, our experts at Burl Oaks Golf Club will discuss the best practices to perfect your putting technique and improve your overall golf game.

Develop a Stroke That Stays On-Line

One of the most important aspects of putting is ensuring your putting stroke stays on-line through the entirety of your stroke. It’s crucial you don’t inadvertently put a different spin on the ball or contact the ball in the wrong spot, so it pulls or pushes in a different direction. You want your ball to go the same direction as your putter; otherwise, your shot can be negatively affected.

Work on Your Aim

When you are working on your putting, it’s important to work on greens with different lies, slopes, angles, grass thickness, and more. By doing this, you can hone your fundamental skills, which will improve your overall game. By practicing on different greens, you can get used to making adjustments on the fly, which will help you lower your score.

Consider Working With Different Strokes

Some golfers have a tendency to either overstrike the ball on the green or not hit it hard enough. If you struggle with either of those, it is important you find ways to adjust to improve your overall score. If you tend to hit the ball too softly, you should consider adjusting your putting stroke to closely resemble a chipping stroke. By doing this, you will get a little bit more arm strength behind your shot. If you tend to hit it too hard, you’ll need to learn how to scale back your putting stroke to accommodate for the short distance.

Find Your Rhythm

Like any other routine or skill you wish to perfect, finding a rhythm that makes you comfortable is crucial. You should incorporate a pre-shot putting routine for your game. By doing this, you can ensure you’re in sync the entire time. Many professional golfers use pre-shot routines to find success and consistently achieve great scores. Our elite golf course is a great place to work on all of these putting tips to be successful.

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