For over 125 years, golf has remained one of the most popular sports among fans and athletes in the state of Minnesota. Since the first recorded round of golf was played in St. Paul in 1893, countless elite golfers have passed through our state and gone on to make names for themselves among the game’s greatest players. Here, our golf experts at Burl Oaks Golf Club will discuss the history of golf in Minnesota and why golf is one of the most popular games in the state.

Historical Figures

Several high-profile golfers have come out of Minnesota over the past 125 years. The all-time women’s majors win leader is a Minneapolis native, Patty Berg, who won 15 majors through her career, helped found the organization that later evolved into the LPGA, and was the winner of the first Women’s U.S. Open. In addition to Berg’s accomplishments, Tom Lehman of Alexandria has won three majors in his career, which includes the Open Championship in 1996.

Notable Tournaments

With many high-end, renowned golf courses, especially in the Twin Cities area, Minnesota has the opportunity to host a variety of high-profile competitions. Our great state has hosted 36 USGA Championships through 2019, and we are set to host our 37th in 2020. In addition to hosting several USGA events, the Hazeltine National Golf Course in Chaska, Minnesota was the location of the 2016 Ryder Cup. The U.S. won the Ryder Cup for the first time since 2008 while at the Hazeltine course.

Number of Courses

In the land of 10,000 lakes, we also have an abundance of golf courses. Minnesota is home to 496 recognized golf courses, which is one of the top figures in the country. Only a handful of other states have more golf courses for golfers to hone their skills.


With plenty of space to practice during the spring and summer, and some locations having indoor practice facilities for the harsh winter months, our state has the ability to churn out great golfers, young and old. Additionally, with plenty of places to play, families can pass down their love of golf from one generation to the next.

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