While there are an unending number of exercises you can do to increase your strength for your golf swing, there are some that are better than others for improving golf swings. Oftentimes, we recommend basic stretching to begin your training program before you begin a strength program. While practicing your swing and different shots is obviously the most important aspect of training, strength-training is also a critical aspect of improving your golf game. Your shots can be as accurate as possible, but if they can’t get there, it damages your score. Here, our golf professionals at Burl Oaks Golf Club will explain different exercises you can do to enhance your golf swing.

Lateral Lunges

By doing lateral lunges, you can increase your mobility and strength in your hips, which can give you a stronger swing. Lateral lunges are a common, underrated exercise, which provides power in a variety of movements, like golf swings. A lateral lunge, if you do not know, involves keeping good posture, while taking a large step to either the left or right and keeping the opposite leg straight. You should do three sets of 10 repetitions per leg with small breaks in between. Additionally, keeping your toes straight forward during lateral lunges helps you avoid injury.

Glute Lunges

Glute lunges are essentially the same as lateral lunges, except they work different muscles, as you move forward and backward, as opposed to side-to-side. With your hand on your hips, you need to move one leg forward in a large step. The leg you move forward should be at a 90-degree angle, while your back leg should be straight. Like lateral lunges, you should do three sets of 10 repetitions with small breaks in between. This exercise strengths other muscles in your hips, which also improves your golf swing.


Doing planks on each of your sides and your front is an easy exercise to increase the strength in your abdominal muscles. The key to planking is to keep your back and hips straight, so they are parallel to the ground. By doing about three to five planks on each of your sides, as well as your front and holding them for up to one minute, you can quickly enhance your strength, which will improve the power with which you strike the ball when you swing.

Spine Twists

Spine twists are a common, unsung exercise that increases your mobility and strength. To do this exercise, you need to lay on your back on the floor. From there, you lift your legs to a 90-degree angle, so your calves end up parallel to the ground. You then spread your arms out to the sides before moving your legs together from side-to-side, while keeping your calves parallel to the ground. You should hold your legs up on each side for about 30 seconds to strengthen your sides. Core and lower body strength are crucial to a powerful golf stroke, and these exercises enhance both to help you improve your game.

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