Everyone who plays golf can tell you it’s as much a social event as it is a competitive sport. Golf brings people together to enjoy the great outdoors in a relaxing setting. So, it should come as no surprise that golf is among the most popular choices for corporations outings. Businesses, government agencies, charity organizations, and even churches plan large events all aimed at having fun, building teamwork, or even raising money for worthy causes.


As you plan your corporate golfing event at Burl Oaks, here are some tips to make sure your outing is a huge success enjoyed by all:


1.      Plan Your Trip Months in Advance

Large group events require lots of planning, and planning takes time. Therefore, we recommend you schedule the date for your company golf outing at least six months in advance. Six months will give you time to build the framework for your event and fill in the details. It also gives you time to get a firm commitment from your coworkers, set a hard date, and make any adjustments along the way.


Six months will also give our staff plenty of time to prepare for the event, make sure that all amenities are taken care of, and work out the catering.


2.      Put Together a Committee

Planning a golf outing—especially if it’s a tournament or mini weekend league—can be a full-time job for even the most seasoned event planners. Therefore, you should learn the art of delegation. Make a list of everything that needs to be done, and then assign items on that list to different people. Build your team with individuals who have talents that match your checklist items. Meet regularly with your team, and make sure everyone is doing their part. If you assign a liaison to communicate with other parties, make sure they reach out to our staff and keep an open line of communication.


3.      Meet with Your Burl Oaks Event Coordinator

Speaking of reaching out, you should schedule a consultation with our friendly event coordinator to start working out the details of your event. We welcome you to the golf course to check out our facilities, our Member Grill restaurant, our amenities, and even our culinary staff. We can show you around so you can decide which room you will need if you are holding any meetings. We can also go over items such as:


a.      Amenities

b.      Rooms

c.      Equipment

d.      Scheduling

e.      Catering

f.        Pricing

g.      And more!


4.      Choose a Theme for Your Event

Golf outings are always more fun when you have a theme. You can bring in a celebrity, introduce a product launch, have team-building activities, or even announce a contest. You may even want to use this event as an opportunity to raise funds for your company’s favorite local charity. We can help you plan the event around the themes, such as providing special food or a certain cocktail.


5.      Set a Budget

If your company is footing the bill for your event, then set a budget and stick to it. Your budget should include expenses that your company will incur to put toward the golf outing. Costs can include green fees, cart rentals, contest payouts, catering, and drinks. We can help you with your budget by giving you the details of our pricing and providing you information about other costs you may need to be aware of.


Schedule a Corporate Golf Outing at Burl Oaks Golf Club

To find out more about how to schedule a golf outing at Burl Oaks Golf Club, contact us today. We offer a wide range of activities for golfers of all ages and skill levels. To sign up, call us at 952-472-7017. You can also send a message on our contact page.