Living in Minnesota, you know how harsh the winters can be. From dramatic temperature changes to high amounts of snow, the winters can wreak havoc on the land, and it can make preparing different outdoor facilities for the spring extremely difficult. Golf is one of the most popular sports during the Minnesota summers. However, the worse the winter is, the longer it can take to get the golf courses and other outdoor facilities ready for use. At Burl Oaks Golf Club, we follow a set process to get our course ready for the spring and summers, so you can play golf frequently. Here, our golf and course professionals will discuss how we get our course ready for the spring, so our members can get the optimum use out of our course.

Prepare in the Fall

One of the most important things we do to ensure our course is ready for the spring is to prepare it for winter itself. We take protective measures to ensure there is minimal water damage throughout the course of the winter. This involves using sand and other materials to ensure a great deal of water doesn’t creep into the grass and turf. While this makes it sandy and brown come springtime, the surface is completely playable because of our efforts. As soon as the weather begins to heat up, the color will come back, which leaves our course looking as beautiful as ever.

Analyze the Weather Patterns

One thing we do when we begin to get the course ready for the year is to look at how much snow and ice accumulated over the last several months. That will ultimately determine the ground conditions, and we have to take the ground conditions into account when we begin planning how we’ll get the course ready. The ground conditions will affect when we buy fertilizers and other products to get the course lush and ready for our members to practice and compete. We take great pride in having the most beautiful and well-kept course in all of Minnesota, and we make adjustments to our plans throughout the course of the winter to ensure we are doing everything we can to open on time and have the best course.

Clean the Course

Once the winter weather seems to have passed, we will begin to clean up our course. While we occasionally pick up storm debris and make adjustments in areas we are concerned could be affected by water throughout the winter, we truly put in a great deal of work once the temperatures rise slightly. This involves getting any downed branches off the course, cleaning any trash that could have blown onto the course through the winter, and much more. From there, we will get the tee markers and flags ready to go out to the course.


As we get closer to spring, we will make the necessary adjustments to ensure every inch of our course is ready for spring, so you can enjoy the game you love.

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