One of the most difficult shots to learn in the game of golf is a wedge shot of any distance. Unlike a full shot, like a drive, putt, or a hit with one of your irons, a shot with your wedges isn’t a full swing. It is supposed to make up the little distance needed between your last full shot and the green. Training yourself how to properly measure the distance, control your shot, and have successful shots with your wedges is critical in lowering your score and makes a huge difference between making par and hitting shots that will negatively impact your score, like bogeys.


However, learning how to properly use your wedges to enhance your golf game takes a great deal of dedication, practice, and determination to master a shot that many golfers choose to ignore. By practicing this skill over and over again, you can improve your overall golf game. Here, our golf professionals at Burl Oaks Golf Club will discuss ways to practice and improve your wedge shots for the betterment of your overall game.

Develop A Feel For Your Wedge Swing At Different Intervals

Like your traditional, full swing, you should have a set approach for shots with your wedges, no matter the distance. Once you develop a set approach for wedge shots, you then have to learn how to recognize distances and incorporate those into your swing. Like throwing a football or baseball or shooting a basketball, after hours of practice, you develop a feel for how much power and strength to put into these movements from different distances. The same holds true with wedge shots. To develop your wedge shot and get a true feel of distances and how much strength you need to put into shots of varying distances, you need to practice constantly at varying distances to develop a full skill set. By doing this, you will be more prepared for any shot that may crop up during your rounds. If you are interested in golf lessons or using our facilities to learn from professionals, contact us today. 

Randomized Practice

After you develop a feel for different shots and create a consistent approach for each shot, the next thing you can do is practice making wedge shots at various angles, lies, and distances. This randomized practice tests your feel for different distances, and it will help you continue to develop that skill. Each course is different, as is each wedge shot. Randomized practice allows you to work on your skills and learn how to make adjustments on the fly, while still adhering to your carefully practiced swing. To learn more about practicing with your wedges or if you want to use our practice facilities, contact our team today.

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