Just as much of a skills game, the game of golf is a mental game. The sport itself can drive you crazy if you cannot control the negative thoughts or doubts you have about your game, the chances are that your game will be adversely affected. Being able to master your thoughts and swing in one fail swoop is an easy way to bring yourself more success, but it is no easy feat. It takes a great deal of practice and patience to find the right balance to improve your golf game. There are a variety of ways you can slow down your game and simplify it, so you can see extended success and continue to develop your skills to the level you want to reach. Here, our golf experts at Burl Oaks Golf Club will discuss ways you should consider simplifying your golf game to attain better results.

Create a Consistent Swing and Don’t Change It

One of the ways many professional golfers and even experienced amateur golfers find success is with the consistency in their swing. They don’t have a crazy ritual that takes a great deal of time and causes you to expend energy. Instead, seasoned golfers go with a routine they are comfortable with and one that doesn’t take away from their game. You should follow your own simplistic routine before every shot you take, no matter if it’s a drive, putt, or chip shot.


When you have a swing so ingrained into your brain that you don’t have to think about it, you can focus on the other aspects of the shot at hand, such as the distance you have to hit the ball, the power you need to hit the ball, the angle, loft, and lie of the ball, as well as the weather and every other factor that will play into the success of your shot. If you have a question about how to create a consistent, simplistic swing, contact Burl Oaks today.

Clear Your Mind and Focus on the Positives

Instead of focusing on what you could have done better on previous holes or shots, focus only on the hole you are on now. Additionally, don’t focus on your bad habits. When you aren’t competing, you should be practicing whenever possible to break bad habits and develop new habits to improve your game. When you are competing, you shouldn’t be thinking about the weaknesses you may have in your swing. Instead, you should be focusing on what you do well and what you can control in the moment, which is the accuracy of your swing.


The only thing you should be focusing on during your swings while you are competing is the factors that may affect your shot, like the weather. You should not focus on negative energy. The best golfers are able to push past failures out of their minds and focus on the situation at hand before going into their swing, which they should know so well that they don’t have to think about it. To learn more about how to simplify your golf game for better success, contact Burl Oaks today. 

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