Is your business or other organization planning an event to bring everyone together? Have you considered hosting a golfing event for this purpose? Business organizations of all kinds use golf events to build morale, teamwork, raise money, and more.


If you are in the Twin Cities or the surrounding area, you have a plethora of choices when it comes to finding a golf club to host your event. However, Burl Oaks Golf Club in Minnetrista has several benefits that put it a step above the rest.


Whether your golf event for your government agency, business corporation, church, or other organization is looking to build morale or raise money for an event, you need a dedicated team to put everything together.

Establish an Event Team

When your business or other organization has decided to host a golf event, you need to put together a planning committee. Even if you have an event planner on your staff or an entire team dedicated to events, you need to officially establish this committee so everyone is on the same page.


Each member of your event planning team should have skills that you see as valuable when it comes to the event you want to host. Each member of your committee should be prepared to put in the work to plan your event months in advance, so it can go without a hitch when the day of the event comes. Additionally, your team members need to be great communicators so all applicable parties are kept up-to-date at all times and prepared for any instance.

What to Consider When Planning A Corporate Golfing Event

Here is a list of a few basic and fun things to help make your golfing event more organized and entertaining.

Set Goals

Firstly, ask yourself, 'why are you organizing this event? Is it to raise money for a specific purpose? Raise awareness? Marketing? Or for developing business relationships? Whatever the reason might be, the key is to be sure about the primary objective of the event and stay focused.


Additionally, it is essential to do all the math beforehand. For instance, how much money you will be able to raise and the estimated level of participation, etc.

Determine Your Audience

The next step is to determine your primary audience and plan accordingly. A successful golfing event creates a valuable experience for varied audiences. As a corporate outing meant to strengthen your employees’ morale and relationships, plan games or challenges that incorporate team building and require people to work together.


If your event is open to families or is a fundraiser for all ages, provide games and activities for all of your audience. No one wants to be left out of the fun! 

Have a Marketing Plan

If your event includes people normally outside your organization, create a marketing plan to pump up the interest in your event. Send invitations and keep attendees updated via email and text message. As the event gets closer, announce contest details and activities, sponsorships and prizes, and more to build the excitement!

Establish a Budget

To establish a budget for your event, you can start by noting all the possible ways to generate income. It can include sponsorships, merchandise sales, participation fees, and auctions. Once done, it is time to list down all the expenses related to the promotion, planning, and execution of the event. Fortunately, many costs can be covered by sponsors, like food, beverage, gifts, etc.

Choose a Theme

Now that all the basics are covered, make your event memorable and special by choosing a unique theme. You can select a theme for the celebrity guest, the event's format, or the product launch. A great initiative is to choose an idea that supports the local charity or community organization.


Make It Mini is a fun theme to try out at a golfing event where advanced players must go back to the basics. Colorful golf balls and silly obstacles can be used to make it a memorable experience. Serving mini food portions can help make the theme more lively.

Create Contests and Awards

Holding contests can help make your events entertaining, and they call for additional sponsorship opportunities, as well. Here are a few contest ideas you should consider:


  • Hole-in-One: It’s always a popular contest idea no matter the competition. If anyone is able to obtain the coveted honor of sinking a ball in the hole in one shot, award that attendee with a big prize, like cash, gift cards, or a vacation!
  • Mega Putt: In this contest, all the participants are provided with the balls that they need to make it to a somewhat tricky destination hole. Golfers then strike their balls, and the one that reaches closest to the point wins the prize. Make sure to have a measuring tape nearby!

Work With Your Burl Oaks Event Coordinator

After you choose Burl Oaks to host your corporate golf event, we will assign your event to an event coordinator. Our team members will work with you and your event planning committee to ensure your event goes exactly how you want it to.


We will create a plan with you that gives you access to our various amenities, like our various rooms, facilities, equipment, catering, Member Grill restaurant, and more. We can help you set the theme for your event, and review the budget, so you can be sure you are meeting your guidelines while planning an event that will be a hit for all involved.

Contact Burl Oaks Golf Club Today

If you are in the Twin Cities metro area and looking for a golf club to host your corporate golf event, contact Burl Oaks Golf Club today. Our state-of-the-art course and facilities are a great place to host an event of any kind, and we know you’ll be satisfied.


To learn more or speak with a team member, call us at 952-472-7017 or message us on our contact page today.