Finding a junior golf program to help kids develop their skills and grow in their love of golf can be difficult, but at Burl Oaks Golf Club, you can find the mentorship and lessons your kids need to improve their skills. At our club, we’re not like other country clubs. We don’t have other prominent features that other people think of when they think of a golf club. We focus on golf and building community, which is why we have areas where you can dine with your friends and family or host events, like a wedding. We believe golf teaches everyone important lessons, like respect and relationship building, and we incorporate these lessons into our Junior Golf Program.

The Benefits of Our Junior Golf Program

There are several added benefits your kids will get when they join our Junior Golf Program. Some of these benefits include:


Diverse Age Ranges | One of the best parts of our Junior Golf Program is that our lessons are split into specific age groups. Not only is this unique in that we cater to kids of almost all ages, but we also structure each session toward the skill level of each golfer. We offer six clinics throughout the summer that focus on different skills, as well as play days once a week through most of the summer. The three age levels we offer are:


●        Ages 7-10

●        Ages 11-12

●        Ages 13+


Lessons From Golf Professionals | Our golf lessons are hosted and taught by our golf professionals. With the help of our golf professionals, your kids will learn to nurture the game, respect their skills and those of their opponents. By building their skills in the game of golf, while also improving their mental approach to the game, your kids can develop their skills in every facet of the game.


Relationship Building With Fellow Golfers | As a kid, when you get interested in an activity, like golf, you likely want to find others your age who are interested in the same activities. With our Junior Golf Program at Burl Oaks Golf Club, your kids can meet fellow players close to their age that share the same passion for golf. This allows your kids to build relationships that could last a lifetime with others who share their interests.


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If your family is in the Twin Cities metro area and looking for a junior golf program to help your kids grow their love for the game, contact Burl Oaks Golf Club today. Since opening for business several years ago, we have helped countless children across the metro area improve their golf games. To learn more about this or join our program, give us a call at 952-472-7017 or message us on our contact page today.