Maintaining a golf course is a great deal of work, but our experts at Burl Oaks Golf Club know the best practices to keep the course in pristine condition. A variety of factors have to be taken into account when you’re in charge of golf course management. Our team of professionals knows these practices better than anyone, and that’s why we are home to one of the best golf courses in all of the Upper Midwest. We keep a strict maintenance schedule to ensure our workers don’t interfere with our members while they’re out on our course. So, what are some of the actions we take to keep our course in tip-top shape?

Take Out Ball Marks and Divots

Every time a golf ball hits the surface of the turf, it makes a tiny dent. While most golfers see it as a common courtesy to repair any dents they make, so it doesn’t negatively affect the shots of those who golf after you. If golfers don’t repair their marks or they’re not repaired as well as they could be, our team will use repair tools to raise the surface of the turf, so it’s smooth. Additionally, divots are a common occurrence on the course if someone mis-hits their ball. It’s typically easy to pick up the chunk of grass that was damaged and gently place it back in its spot before stepping on it to make it even, but if the turf is too damaged to just place back in its spot, our team will come in to fix the hole with a divot repair mix. To learn more, contact us today.

Take Care of Sand Bunkers and Other Hazards

The bunkers, trees, and other hazards throughout the course are regularly maintained by our course staff. The sand in the bunkers is disturbed whenever a golfer or golf cart goes over them. For this reason, we frequently rake the sand to ensure it's smooth and allows for the best shot possible for you. We rake from the inside out to ensure everything is smooth. Like most other golf courses, ours is surrounded by nature, which includes trees, bushes, and other plants. Out in nature, the weather affects all plant life and causes downed branches and leaves. We go through daily, but especially days after storms, to ensure that the branches don’t damage the course and are out of the way for the safety of our members and ease of play.

Maintain Both the Rough and Green

Maintaining both the greens and the roughs takes a great deal of time and energy on the part of our course maintenance team, however getting them both in tip-top shape takes drastically different resources. With the greens, we use fertilizers, irrigation, and other tools to cut the grass short and keep it looking bright green. Each golf course is unique in the way the ball is affected when it hits on the green, and our team puts in a lot of effort to ensure the greens are in the best shape. However, when it comes to the rough, the grass needs to be thicker and of a certain length, which takes a careful eye. While we don’t touch the rough as often as we work on the greens, we have to keep a close eye on it to ensure it’s healthy and in prime condition.

Make Sure Lightning and Other Amenities Are Strong

We maintain our course and its amenities, so they withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The lights and other electronic and comfort amenities are sturdy, well-maintained, and checked for damages. Our technicians and maintenance staff make sure everything operates, so you can enjoy your time on the course and get the most out of your membership.

Contact Burl Oaks Golf Club

If you are in the Twin Cities metro area and looking for a pristine golf course where you can feel at home in a community and practice golf as often as you want, join Burl Oaks Golf Club today. We have one of the best golf courses in the Upper Midwest, and we know you’ll take full advantage of our benefits. To learn more about our golf course, give us a call at 952-472-7017 or message us on our contact page today.