Golf is popular in Minnesota, virtually year-round, except for the frigid winter months. However, as the weather turns colder in the fall months, it’s crucial to prepare yourself and gear for the weather changes. Taking care of yourself and equipment will ensure you get the most out of your fall season, while also staying healthy and keeping your gear in good shape for the upcoming spring and summer seasons that will likely be busier than the fall. Golfing in the fall is not so drastically different from golfing in other seasons, but it is different enough that you need to plan ahead, so you’re comfortable and healthy. Here, our golf experts at Burl Oaks Golf Club will discuss how to prepare yourself for golf in Minnesota’s fall weather.

Keep Your Muscles Active While Golfing

As you know, golf requires a lot of standing, and when you’re playing with others, you might spend significant time standing around waiting for others to finish their shots. When this happens, your muscles throughout your body can become stiff, which can cause injuries when not properly handled on the course. If you’re playing with others and trying to keep your muscles warm and active in the fall, consider going for short walks on the course while it’s not your turn or stretching off to the side. This will help keep the blood flowing to your muscles, which helps you stay loose and ready to play, while also reducing the chance of injuries from cold, stiff muscles.

Check the Weather and Pack Extra Layers

The weather changes at the drop of a hat in Minnesota. It can be sunny and 75 in the morning and drop throughout the day as a storm or cold front moves in. For this reason, you must check the weather in the area and plan accordingly. While the weather is never certain, it’s important you plan regardless. In the Minnesota fall, it’s always smart to pack extra layers. While you may think of packing some extra jackets, gloves, hats, and perhaps a thicker layer of pants, don’t overlook bringing extra pairs of socks. Often, morning frost causes the grass on the course to stay wet for hours, and random pop-up showers are a common occurrence. If your shoes and socks get wet, the chances are high you’ll soon be freezing. Never underestimate bringing extra clothing every time you golf in the fall.

Take Care of Your Clubs

It’s no secret, especially for those of us who’ve lived in the Upper Midwest for a significant time, that the cold and moisture cause damage to certain materials when they’re left exposed to the elements. If it starts snowing or raining, it’s important you take the time to dry off your clubs and treat them, so you don’t have to worry about rust forming over time, which can cause more damage than you may think. Make sure you pack extra materials you might need to dry off your clubs.

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