How is your golf posture? Do you find yourself hitting inconsistent shots? Perhaps you feel your balance and stability isn’t what it should be when you’re hitting the golf ball. On the driving range at Burl Oaks Golf Club, posture is one of the primary concerns among amateur golfers. If you need help getting your posture ready for the golf course, you’re not alone.


In this post from the golf course pros at Burk Oaks Golf Club, we’re sharing advice to improve your posture when golfing. If you’d like help working on your game, contact us to schedule golf lessons.

The Importance of Golf Posture

Mastering your golf posture is the key to hitting more consistently. In fact, inconsistency is one of the most common problems among amateur golfers. And not all golf posture issues are caused by hunching. Standing up too straight can also negatively impact your game.


These are the most common golf posture problems:

●      Too Upright

Standing up too straight can have difficulty maintaining their stability when they swing. This position can cause you to over-rotate by creating a flat plane at the top of the backswing.

●      Hunched Over

This is probably the most common posture error made by amateur golfers. Hunching over and bending too much at the waist curves your spine and makes it difficult to hit a straight ball or make a full shoulder turn.

●      “S” Shape

When your backside pushes out too far, it can create an “S” shape in your spine that stresses your lower back and makes rotating difficult, even causing discomfort or pain.


Correcting Your Posture

To correct your posture, start with both feet pointing on a slight angle out. Set up with a hip hinge or spine angle of about 40 degrees, leaning forward with arms relaxed. There should be a slight flex in your knees to keep your spine line up nicely. Be sure to have enough axis tilt, where your upper body leans slightly away from the target. Your lead should remain slightly lower than the rear shoulder. While swinging, rotate the shoulders around this angle. This neutral angle allows for better rotation and a better, more consistent swing.

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