If you’re looking to improve your golf game, there are plenty of places you should start. Of course, it’s always a good idea to have the best equipment from golf shoes to clubs. And you’ll want to spend plenty of time on the driving range and golf course. If you could use extra guidance, golf lessons are a good bet. But far too many golfers overlook one important step to improving their posture and distance: exercise!


In this post from Burl Oaks Golf Club, we’re sharing ideas to help you improve your golf fitness. Give us a call to find out more about our practice facilities today!

Warm Up Before Playing

Although this might seem obvious if you stop and think about it, not everyone takes the time to warm up before they play. Golf might not look like the most physically challenging sport, but it can actually be quite stressful on your body. Like many other sports, golf can result in physical injury if you don’t take the time to warm up properly.


So what’s the best way to warm up before you play? Start by targeting the areas that are most at risk during a game. Think about the types of injuries that are most common among golfers: shoulders, back, arm, and neck injury. Develop a warmup routine that targets your primary areas of concern and make a habit of it. Remember: only five minutes of warmup time can improve your drive distance.

Target Your Workout

If you don’t already prioritize time to work out a few times a week, start now. Choose a workout program that targets these areas to help you maximize your results on the fairway:


●        Abdominal strength

●        Improved posture

●        Greater hip, wrist, arm, and spine flexibility

●        Balanced upper and lower body strength

●        Improved core stability

●        Improved leg and thigh strength and control


Whether you choose to work out with a personal trainer or at home on your own, if you follow this guide, you’ll see results in just a few weeks.

Cool Down

After you finish a game, it’s important to take time out for your cool down routine. Much like warming up, cooling down can help to prevent injuries. During your cool down routine, work on gradually bringing down your heart rate with gentle cardio exercises and stretches.

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