The idea that golf is a men’s sport can be seen in almost any department store just before Father’s Day every year. If you look around long enough, you’ll most likely find a decent selection of golf-themed men’s gifts from picture frames to golf ball ties and socks. But if you’re looking for golf-themed Mother’s Day gifts, you’ll probably have to scour the Internet to find them.


But just because we tend to think of golf as a men’s sport doesn’t mean it is. In fact, women have been active in golf since its inception centuries ago!  At Burl Oaks Golf Club, we know that everyone who participates in the game adds to a great experience for our Minnesota golf family, and we love all of our members. That’s why we’re dedicating this post to the fabulous women who have helped make golf the incredible game it is today.

There’s Something About Mary, Queen of Scots

Scotland’s most famous golf course is St. Andrews, which is universally accepted as the world’s first and oldest golf course. According to historians, Mary Stuart, the ill-fated Queen of Scots, often played at St. Andrews and had a vacation cottage on the course. As the game would have been around for almost two centuries, Mary likely grew up playing golf or a similar sport. Legend even has it that Mary is responsible for coining the term “caddie,” referencing the military cadets who would have carried royals’ clubs while they played.


In fact, Mary’s love of golf was so renowned that an ill-timed golf course visit just days after her husband died was used to accuse her of assassinating Lord Darnley. One historian has even argued that her contemporaries found her enjoyment of sports scandalous!

Clubbing With the Girls

A few centuries would pass before there was a big push for women in golf in 1867 when Mary’s beloved St. Andrews formed the first women’s golf organization. Dubbed “The Ladies Club,” the St. Andrews club kicked off a renewed interest in women’s golfing. It even led to a push for women’s competitive golfing. 


Check out these bios for some of golf’s fantastic women players through the years:


●        Issette Pearson: Issette Pearson was a famous English golfer who served as the Ladies Golf Union’s first honorary secretary in 1893. Pearson was instrumental in getting the national championship hosted and played in the finals of the 1893 and 1894 British Ladies Amateur Golf Championship.


●        Babe Didrickson-Zaharias: Didrickson-Zaharias was a bit of a Renaissance woman when it came to athleticism, excelling equally in basketball, track and field, baseball, and of course, golf. After becoming a double gold medalist in the 1932 Summer Olympics in the track and field division, she became a professional golfer and went on to win 10 LPGA championships.


●        Se Ri Pak: Pak kicked off her career by winning two majors in her rookie season in 1998, making her the first Asian woman to win a golf major. She went on to become the youngest-ever Hall of Fame inductee in 2007 and retire with 39 professional wins and five major championships under her belt.

Join Our Women in Golfing at Burl Oaks

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