When you love golf, you want to do everything you can to stay on top of your game. You spend time practicing your swing and dedicate plenty of time to the game. But have you ever thought of investing in custom golf clubs?

It’s a common misconception that custom golf club fittings are just for pro golfers. Find out if a custom golf club fitting is right for you in this post from Burl Oaks Golf Club. To get your custom fitting or sign up for a golf club membership, give us a call today!

Getting the Right Clubs

The first thing to understand about golf clubs is that most people are using the wrong ones. Every player is different, so why would a golf club that works for someone with a completely different height, build, and strength than you be a good fit for your bag?

All of these factors come into play when determining which golf club is right for an individual player at any given moment:

  • Arm length
  • Height
  • Posture
  • Player strength
  • Grip size
  • Club head speed
  • Angle of attack

Benefits of a Custom Fitting

One of the biggest reasons casual players may be hesitant to invest in a custom golf club fitting is that they may not feel ready to spend a lot of money on clubs. And worse, new players will often start off with a bag of loaner clubs or a starter set while they decide if they’re really into the game.

Unfortunately, if you’re playing with an ill-fitting set of golf clubs, you’re far less likely to truly enjoy the game. Perhaps the clubs will be too short or too long. Or maybe they’re just not the right weight for your individual needs.

On the other hand, you’ll be blown away at the difference after investing in custom clubs. Clubs that fit properly can transform a player’s appreciation of the game.

Once you’ve got properly fitted clubs, you’re ready to start working on your swing with the tools you need to do it the right way.

Custom Fittings Improve Comfort

If you feel like your back is strained while swinging or after a round of golf, it may be time for custom-fitted clubs. Golf clubs that are too short cause back pain because you hunch over to hit the ball.

Short clubs also restrict your range of motion, making you push the ball instead of swinging it. Similarly, if your posture is too upright, your golf clubs are probably too long.

If your posture is too upright, then you’ll be uncomfortable swinging and have worse shot accuracy.

Custom Fittings Help You Learn About Swing

One of the key benefits of purchasing custom golf fittings is that you’ll learn more about your swing and how clubs work during the fitting process. Through this, you’ll understand how the angle and size of your body parts and the length of your arms impact your shot.

Experts at golf shops can also teach you about different aspects of golf clubs and why different clubs, like drivers, wedges, and putters, are designed in particular ways from brand to brand.

After getting measurements of your body, those experts will teach you all you need to know about shaft flex, weight, kick point, and materials.

The Perfect Gift for an Amateur Linksman

If you have a family member or friend obsessed with golf, nothing would be a better holiday gift for them than custom club fittings. While club fittings may not be the surprise they were hoping for—because fittings have to be customized for the player itself and not a description of a player's build—they will undoubtedly be happy about your present.

Custom-fitted clubs may also help them improve their game naturally, without specialized training, to lower their high handicap.

Custom fittings are a great gift option for disabled people like those in a wheelchair. Fit the club to their sitting position and arm length so that they can hit a fuller and more natural shot.

What to Expect at Your Golf Club Fitting

Don’t worry about pushy salespeople when you go in for your custom fitting. We’re far more interested in helping you get the right clubs for your needs so you’ll keep playing for years down the road.

Golf shop experts would much rather have a long-term customer than try to force anyone into overspending on a less-than-perfect club. If you’ve already got a bag you’re working with, be sure to bring it to the shop and share what works well for you and what doesn’t. If any of your current clubs are a good fit, we’ll let you know. 

Next, we’ll talk to you about your needs before taking a look at your swing to look for patterns. After only a few swings, we’ll be able to identify your individual patterns and tendencies and make a good recommendation.

Are you ready for your custom golf club fitting? Contact us on the web or call 952-472-7017 to set up your fitting today.