Every sport has two sets of rules. There are the written rules that outline how the game is played. And then there are the unspoken rules handed down by generation after generation of players. For golf, a game that’s been played for hundreds of years and across continents around the world, there are plenty of unspoken rules.


In this post from Burl Oaks Golf Club in Minnesota, we’re breaking down all the unspoken rules you need to know to be the golfer everyone loves to play with. If you love to golf, sign up for a Burl Oaks golf club membership and join us on the golf course today!


These are a few of the unspoken rules that make for a more enjoyable game:

1.   Show up early.

Always plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your time on the golf course is scheduled and be sure you’ve got the right number of people in your group. When it’s your time to tee off, have all of your equipment on hand and be ready to play.

2.   Mark your ball.

Although there are technically no written rules on how to mark your ball, it’s important to be able to identify the right ball. According to the official rules of golf, players are individually responsible for making sure they’re playing the correct ball. As such, marking golf balls is considered a golfing best practice. Some players will even carry a brightly colored Sharpie to easily mark their balls on the fly.

3.   Play respectfully.

While you’re on the golf course, wait to swing until any golfers that are playing ahead of you are completely out of range. Likewise, while other golfers are getting ready to swing, be sure you’re facing them and standing still. Keep an eye out for where balls hit so you’ll spend less time looking for any lost balls. Finally, if your ball is heading in the direction of another player, be sure to yell “fore.”

4.   Fairway Etiquette

The player who is located furthest from the hole will typically play first. When you’re swinging, place your bag to your right. As you’re about to swing, one practice swing is fine, but don’t overdo it. And when you’re walking between shots, keep a steady pace. Finally, be sure to help other players when the opportunity arises.

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