Does your pre-game golf routine involve stretching yet? Incorporating simple stretches into your pre-swing routine can mean the difference between a solid game and a golf injury that puts you off the golf course for weeks.


Stretching can help you improve your strength, range of motion, and flexibility, among a number of other benefits. And it’s just as important to stretch after you play as it is to warm up with stretches before you play and between holes.


In this post from our golf fitness pros at Burl Oaks Golf Club in Minnetrista, we’re breaking down some of the best golf stretches to improve your golf game and overall health. To work on improving your game or get your custom golf club fitting, stop by our golf practice facilities today!

Before Getting Started

As with any exercise, it’s best not to jump right into a new routine. Before you adopt any new stretches into your pre-golf workout, keep the following tips in mind:


●        If you have any health concerns, talk to your doctor.

●        Understand your limitations and don’t push yourself.

●        Learn the correct stretching techniques, since stretching the wrong way only reinforces bad habits and could lead to injury.

Use These Golf Stretches

It’s a good idea to use a few different stretches when you play. Try these stretches as a starting point next time you play. To maximize the benefits of stretching and avoid injuries, keep every part of your body still during a stretch except for the muscles you’re stretching. Hold each pose for ten seconds and repeat for two or three total reps.

1.    Side Stretch

With your feet positioned slightly wider than your shoulders, face forward and extend one arm upward. Slowly reach your arm over your head and across to the opposite side without leaning back or forth even slightly. Instead, remain completely straight throughout the stretch, almost as if you are stuck between two walls. Repeat with the opposite side.

2.    Club Behind Back Stretch

For this stretch, you’ll need a golf club. Placing your club behind your back, reach your right hand behind your head and grab the club behind you. Use your left hand to grab the lower end of the club, placing your left hand approximately between your shoulder blades. Your left elbow should be bent, and your left shoulder should remain relaxed throughout the stretch. After holding the stretch, repeat with the opposite side.

3.    Trunk Rotation Stretch

This stretch uses a golf club and is perfect for golfers with and without mobility issues. With your club parallel to the ground, place it across your back, hooking your arms around the club at your elbows throughout the stretch. Rotate your head and trunk to one side and hold. Repeat on the opposite side.

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