Like every sport, golf is about more than just simple athletics. There’s a mental component to every physical game, and golf is no exception. In many ways, golf has more of a psychological component than most sports. That’s why when you’re working on improving your swing, it’s important to remember the mental side of the sport.


At Burl Oaks Golf Club, our practice facilities are a perfect place to work on improving your mental golf game. We’ve gathered some of the top mental golf tips to help you master the sport. To get your golf club membership, give us a call today.

1.   Practice without distractions.

When you work out, there’s a good chance you’re rocking out to your favorite high-energy playlist, and few things go better with a daily walk than a good podcast. If you take a look around on the driving range, you’ll most likely see a few golfers with their earbuds in. But if you struggle with concentration, it’s probably better to keep your headspace completely clear of distractions like music and podcasts.

2.   Don’t let bad shots get in your head.

One of the best ways to sabotage your swing is to ruminate over what you feel you could have done differently. Not only will this keep your mind off-focus, but it will also very likely put you in a negative mood. Try to get into the habit of moving on from bad shots and getting them out of your head.

3.   Set more realistic goals.

There’s nothing wrong with imagining yourself playing a PGA-level round. But if you’ve got a high handicap, it’s probably not going to happen right away. Instead of setting goals that you can’t reasonably accomplish, remind yourself that it takes time to get perfect. Instead, set goals that focus on improving your swing, accuracy, and speed rather than dramatically reducing your handicap.

4.   Keep a record.

Hold yourself accountable while establishing a routine by keeping a record of your practice goals and sessions. You’d be surprised at how far you’ve come once you begin monitoring your progress. There are several apps you can download for your phone if you prefer to go digital.

5.   Focus on health.

It’s easier to control your body and mind when your health is in good order. Keep your mind and body sharp by prioritizing important health choices like hydration and stretching before you play.

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