The holiday season is in full swing (pun intended!) in the Twin Cities, and most of us are feeling the crunch as we look for the perfect holiday gifts for loved ones. But if someone on your holiday shopping list is an avid golfer, finding the best possible gift is easy!


At Burl Oaks Golf Club, our golf store offers a complete range of golf accessories, clothing, and equipment for the golfer in your life including custom golf clubs. In this post, we’re looking into some of the reasons custom golf clubs are a great holiday gift for your favorite golfer this Christmas. To order your custom golf clubs, give us a call or stop by our shop today!

A Club is a Club, Right?

To someone who doesn’t golf, it can look like there’s really not much of a difference from one club to the next. But think about it like this. If you purchase an article of clothing right off of the rack, it may or may not be perfectly suited to your body. That’s why people will typically pay a tailor to customize a suit or a dress for a special occasion. With a tailor’s hand, each article of clothing is perfectly suited to fit its wearer’s natural contours, and the result is perfect comfort and a slick appearance.


Just as each human body fits clothing differently, mass-produced golf clubs can work differently with each golfer’s body and play techniques. And just as customizing a suit can mean a better fit, customizing a golf club or club set can mean a better swing.


These are just a few reasons custom golf clubs can make a world of difference for a player’s swing:


1.      Having customized golf clubs can make players feel more confident on the golf course.

2.      Poorly matched golf clubs can result in a player overcompensating and developing poor golf habits.

3.      Clubs perfectly fitted for a player’s body size and experience can improve distance and accuracy.

4.      The right clubs can allow high handicap players to focus on improving their swing, reducing the number of poor shots a player takes.

5.      More experienced players know what works and what doesn’t, and they appreciate a custom golf club that lets them focus on what does.

What’s Covered in a Custom Fitting

A custom fitting looks at a number of factors that can affect a player’s overall game, customizing a club’s grip, shaft, flex, lie, and length based on their individual needs. We’ll also look at a player’s swing and assess what’s causing their misses.


Ready to schedule a custom club fitting for the golfer in your life? Contact Burl Oaks Golf Club or give us a call at 952-472-7017 to learn more about our custom golf clubs and get yours ordered in time for Christmas this year.