Minnesota winters can be incredibly beautiful and incredibly cold. And all of that cold, snow, and ice can mean less time on the golf course, which is bad for your golf swing! The good news is that there are plenty of ways to work on your golf swing even during the winter months.


In this post from Burl Oaks Golf Club, we’re sharing our best advice for practicing golf during Minnesota’s unforgiving winters. To get your golf club membership, give us a call today!

1.   Focus on physical fitness.

The winter months are a great time to work on getting your body in peak physical condition for the upcoming spring golf season. Schedule more time at the gym, and focus on shedding any pounds you picked up during the past year. For optimum golf athleticism, try to spend at least four days a week exercising for 45 minutes or more at a time.

2.   Practice at home. 

If the sun is shining, try working on your swing at home. The experts at the PGA suggest working with weighted golf clubs every day to build strength and improve your swing speed. The great thing about a weighted golf club is that you can use it anywhere, even in your own backyard or garage. Try swinging your weighted club as if you were really planning to make contact, but don’t use any balls. The repeated motion will help you improve your swing ahead of the coming warm season.

3.   Hang out on an indoor driving range.

The driving range isn’t quite the golf course, but it’s a close second when the winter weather has transformed Minnesota into a frozen tundra. Or bundle up before spending time on an outdoor driving range and make time for hot coffee after you’re done practicing.

4.   Develop a warm-up routine.

The best pro golfers all swear by their own warm-up routines. From stretching to mental focus exercises, there’s nothing quite like approaching the tee knowing you’re ready to own the golf course.

5.   Golf anyway.

If you can handle the cold, golfing during the winter months can be its own unique challenge and offer its own unique rewards. Just be sure to plan for the unique physical challenges of golfing during the winter months.

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