Would you buy a pair of shoes without knowing if they’re the right size for your body? Of course not! And yet every day, golfers play the lottery when it comes to picking up their golf clubs. Just as not every loafer fits every foot the same way, different golf clubs are needed for different body types, heights, strengths, and handicaps.


Maybe you’ve considered having a custom golf club fitting but you just haven’t followed through or you’re feeling a little nervous about having your swing analyzed. Whatever is stopping you from getting a custom golf club fitting from Burl Oaks Golf Club, you’ll be blown away when you finally take the plunge. We’ve gathered every reason to invest in a custom golf club fitting below. Give us a call to schedule yours!

1.   Confidence Boost

There’s nothing quite like stepping up to tee knowing your clubs are customized to your body and handicap to boost your confidence. Having that advantage can give you a confidence boost that’s just the edge you need.

2.   Less Discomfort

When your clubs are wrong for your body, you’re more likely to experience pain while you’re golfing or after you play. With the right clubs, you’ll be able to focus on your swing instead of your bad back.

3.   Technology Innovations

Golf clubs have come a long way over the years, and golf club technology is constantly improving. When you come in to our golf shop for a custom golf club fitting, you’ll get an opportunity to find out

4.   Understand Your Swing

One of the best things about a custom golf club fitting is getting to take a scientific look at your swing and posture. With our advanced equipment, we’ll examine every aspect of your swing so you’ll have a complete picture. And when it comes to improving your handicap, knowledge is power.

5.   Better Control With Distance

Even if you’re fairly accurate when you swing, a lot of golfers struggle with hitting consistently when going for distance. We’ll check your lofts to make sure you’ve got the right loft for your swing so you’ll enjoy better club control over the distance.

6.   Longer Drives

When you’re having trouble with distance, it’s often a matter of having the wrong club head and shaft combination. Not all golfers have the same needs. We’ll evaluate how you drive and make a custom recommendation that works best for your unique swing.

7.   Overall Improved Accuracy

A custom golf club fitting carefully examines all of the idiosyncrasies of your swing to identify the root cause of accuracy issues. Once we’ve taken a closer look at your lie, we’ll recommend the best clubs for improving your accuracy.

Get Your Burl Oaks Custom Golf Club Fitting

There are plenty of things you can do to work on your swing from taking golf lessons to spending more time at a practice facility. But don’t forget to make sure you’ve got the right golf clubs when you do! To schedule your custom golf club fitting, contact Burl Oaks online or give us a call at 952-472-7017 today.