Anytime you pick up a new hobby or sport, it can be tempting to go all out and pick up all of the bells and whistles. And nowhere is this more true than when it comes to golf. At Burl Oaks Golf Club, our golf store often sees beginning golfers stock up on higher-end products because they’re not sure what to pick up. And if it’s more expensive, it must be good, right?


In reality, there’s a lot more to picking out the right golf equipment than paying for a hefty price tag. We’re breaking down everything you need to know to get the best golf balls for your needs as a beginning golfer. To get quality golf equipment from golf balls to golf clubs, stop by our golf store today!


Anatomy of a Golf Ball

All golf balls are made up of the same four basic components: a core, a cover, layers, and dimples. Here’s what you  need to know:


➢       A ball’s core is usually made of synthetic or pressurized rubber. The way it absorbs and transfers energy from the impact of your golf club can affect distance and speed.

➢        A golf ball can have several layers outside of the core and cover. The material and construction of these layers can affect the mechanics of the ball in play.

➢       A golf ball’s cover is the component that players come into contact with, and its construction can affect the softness and feel of the ball. Every golfer eventually develops his or her own preference about ball softness. The important thing to understand is that softer balls compress more when hit as opposed to harder balls compressing less. Which is best for you really depends on personal comfort and swing style.

➢       Golf ball dimples create an airflow vortex that interacts with the mechanics of lift, speed, distance, and drag.


Tips for Choosing a Ball

Now that you understand the basics of ball anatomy, it’s time to choose your golf balls. Here are a few tips for beginning golfers:


1.      Don’t go all out on expensive golf balls. The best thing you can invest in as a new golfer is a professional golf lesson. Once your scores drop, you can spring for some fancy golf balls.

2.      Beginning golfers should stay away from higher compression balls since lower compression offers more springiness essential for distance among less experienced beginning golfers.

3.      To get the most distance as a beginning golfer, try out an ultra-soft golf ball since they can be fairly forgiving on both distance and spin.

4.      Opt for a golf ball with a compression rating of 70 or below.

5.      Stick to the same balls for a more consistent game.


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