Like running, golf is considered a mental sport. Even though players are technically competing against each other, the reality is that most are competing against themselves. That’s why a player’s confidence on the golf course can make or break their score.


At Burl Oaks Golf Club, we help golfers improve their scores every day with professional golf lessons on the golf course and some of the best golf equipment in the game at our golf store. We know firsthand how essential confidence is to a golfer’s performance. In this post, we’re sharing our best tips for boosting yours so you can play your best round every time. To sign up for golf lessons with Burl Oaks, give us a call or contact us online!

1.   Give yourself a break.

It’s easy to become really hard on yourself when you’re not playing the way you want to be, especially when hindsight has you going back over your mistakes over and over again. But in reality, reinforcing negativity is not going to do anything for your performance. Instead, focus on what you’re doing well, and work on trying to visualize those shots and recreate the conditions that lead to them.

2.    Shake it off.

If Taylor Swift can do it, you can too. Eventually, you’re going to hit a bad shot. When it does happen, put it out of your head and move forward with your game so the experience doesn’t psych you out. Better yet, try to have a sense of humor about it.

3.   Refine your pre-swing routine.

Having a pre-swing strategy is essential to making a great shot. If you follow many professional golfers, they’ll often bring their pre-swing routine up in interviews. Your routine helps you prepare both mentally and physically for the shot you’re about to make, lining up your posture and golf club for success. And knowing this routine works well for you will help you build confidence on the golf course.

4.   Be the Ball

Remember Chevy Chase’s character Ty Webb in “Caddyshack” and his whole zen routine? There’s a lot to be said for the power of positive visualization. Imagining the path of the ball can infuse your swing with purpose and influence the trajectory, putting your body in line for success. VIsualize the power and precision of your ball’s path and then make it a reality.


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