The market has steadily seen an increase in video games over the past two decades. For most, gaming is a passion and a lifestyle choice. And when you combine that with your love for golf, the best way to enjoy both is via golf video games.


If you are a gaming enthusiast and a golf lover, you can enjoy the two together. Plus, golf video games are a ton of fun, especially if you're playing them with your friends.


Here is a list of the three best golf video games to keep you company while not golfing on the field.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

First up is the Tiger Woods PGA tour 2004. While it's similar to the 2003 version, it has a lot more courses added to it. The great thing about it is that the players get a lot of assistance during the game.


For instance, you can play around with the spin of the ball while it's in the air, and you'll have access to shot advice as well to help improve your golf game. Perhaps the best part of the game is that you can customize your character the way you want. The new face feature allows you to create your golfer with a ton of detail.


You can also participate in the PGA Tour, skins games, team-based games, speed golf, battle golf, and much more.

Links 2003

Links 2003 is possibly one of the most well-known golf video games to have hit the market. It features six golf courses and several small perks, including real-time swings, better and cleaner scenery, and a new career mode.


Although compared to other games, Links 2003 does not feature many golfers. In fact, you'll only have four real-life PGA professionals, including Jesper Parnevik, Annika Sorenstam, David Tom's, and Sergio Garcia. Plus, five other generic golfers.


All in all, it is a nostalgic game with enough courses to keep you occupied for days.

PGA Tour 2k21

The PGA tour 2k21 is the newest game in the golf series. Perhaps the reason why the game is so popular is due to its realistic gameplay. The game offers fantastic graphics, detailed mechanics, and customizable difficulty levels.


Although the game has had its fair share of challenges, the game itself is visually refreshing for the golfer's eye.

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