Since the COVID-19 Pandemic ravaged competitive and casual sports due to lockdowns and social distancing, the golf world has taken a swing in a new direction.


Starting in 2022, more and more of a diverse crowd of people have donned a set of clubs in unique ways, and worldwide fans have taken to the internet to spread their love for the sport. Now with lockdowns eased and players finally back on the course, the trends will follow and build upon developments in 2022.


Our team at Burl Oaks Golf Club in Minnetrista looks forward to seeing these golf trends develop in 2023!

1. Greater Emphasis on Casual and Competitive Events

Since the rise of the internet and the mass adoption of live sports streaming, leagues are looking for more and more options to broadcast live events to a broad audience. After all, if fans can’t get outdoors to watch golf, they might as well watch it indoors.


Last year kicked off the inaugural season of the LIV Golf league, which was met with controversy and praise. The next season is expected to start in February and be bigger than ever, with events in Singapore, Australia, Spain, London, and all across the United States.


Tried and true championship series and leagues, like the PGA Tour, Open Championship, and THE PLAYERS Championship, are expected to be just as important and grow in online viewership.


Also notable is the expected rise of casual golf events. Golf clubs are becoming more of a venue for people to get together and mingle. Corporate golf events, weddings, conferences near golf courses, and trade shows at golf clubs are becoming more common.


Golf often has this connotation of being a slow and drawn-out sport, and new players have been choosing to play shorter 9-hole rounds or practice more casually.

2. The Average Golfer Will Be Different Than You Expect

When most people picture the average golfer, they typically think of older men, but that is no longer the case. Young golfers on the circuit are drawing younger players every year. In fact, Millennials are currently a third of all golf players, and even Gen Z is starting to play. Who’d have figured?


A lot of women are also playing indoor golf nowadays. Golf machines, driving ranges, chipping areas, and putting greens are great activities to do in a group, especially for casual or beginner-level players; most women nowadays play casually.


Having some new blood in the sport will likely change the golf world in other unique ways.

3. Golf Fashion Is Evolving

Athletic wear changes every year, usually to fit modern fashion tastes, but 2023 is unique because of developments in clothing technology. Specialized clothing is now being made to help with spine and neck alignment, allowing players to keep their backs straight while following through on their swing.


With younger players and women more fashion-focused, expect both modern-looking conventional golf clothes and athleisure to be on the rise.

4. We’ll See Greater Adoption of Technology

New drivers are released all the time with technology improving their craft and build, along with more models coming to market to fit the unique tastes and styles of golfers. However, you should really look forward to technology that’ll enhance your golf game and experience.


Tracking software, like TrackMan, used by the PGA Tour since 2022, will show the course of the ball all around the green, tracing the shot angle and slope while it takes off, akin to a golf video game. Fans on the course can look forward to driverless golf carts.


Most notably, AI will help indoor golf software and tools correct players' swings and stances by measuring various metrics.

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