There are many different ways to go about increasing the power of your golf stroke. To increase your swing power, you should practice frequently and use a variety of tools to work on strengthening your swing. Here, our experts at Burl Oaks Golf Club will go over some of the best tools to use when you’re aiming to improve your swing power.

Golf Power Swing Fan

Golf power swing fans have been helping golfers improve their games for years. This tool is essentially a golf club handle with four large, plastic fan blades attached to the end that create air resistance when you swing. While you are supposed to use this tool frequently, you need to make sure you are doing it correctly. Don’t lunge with your whole body into equipment, instead swing it normally and feel the resistance it creates. By doing this on both sides, you increase your strength.

Speed Whoosh

Another tool that has been around for years, the Speed Whoosh, is an easy way to train your muscles to work at a faster rate. Essentially, this tool has a handle with a more flexible make with a plastic ball attached at the end. By swinging this tool over and over again, you get the feel for a faster swing, while also training your fast twitch muscles to remember how to move at that speed, which ultimately increases your swing power.


One of the most underrated, yet effective tools for increasing your golf swing power is a SwingRite. This piece of equipment is designed as a smaller club, which allows you to practice both indoors and outdoors. You can adjust this tool for swing rates between 45 and 110 mph, and when you have the proper release, it makes a clicking noise. With this tool, you can work on your swing power, timing, impact, and more. This tool has been around for years and is proven to help golfers improve their overall game.

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