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From monthly archives: April 2020

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How Simplifying Your Approach Can Help You Improve Your Game

Just as much of a skills game, the game of golf is a mental game. The sport itself can drive you crazy if you cannot control the negative thoughts or doubts you have about your game, the chances are that your game will be adversely affected. Being able to master your thoughts and swing in one fail swoop is an easy way to bring yourself more success, but it is no easy feat. It takes a great deal of practice and patience to find the right balance to improve your golf game. There are a variety of ways you can slow down your game and simplify it, so you can see extended success and continue to develop your skills to the level you want to reach. Here, our golf experts at Burl Oaks Golf Club will discuss ways you should consider simplifying your golf game to attain better results.

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Effectively Practicing With Your Wedges

One of the most difficult shots to learn in the game of golf is a wedge shot of any distance. Unlike a full shot, like a drive, putt, or a hit with one of your irons, a shot with your wedges isn’t a full swing. It is supposed to make up the little distance needed between your last full shot and the green. Training yourself how to properly measure the distance, control your shot, and have successful shots with your wedges is critical in lowering your score and makes a huge difference between making par and hitting shots that will negatively impact your score, like bogeys.

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