Corporate Golf Outings

Corporate Golf Outings

Burl Oaks Golf Club’s facilities are a perfect venue for your next golf event. From board meetings, staff retreats, client outings, to charity fundraisers, the Burl Oaks team will partner with you to create a memorable day for your event. Our experienced professional staff will coordinate every detail so that your golf outing is flawless.

Our Facilities

We can host groups of up to 144 players and can accommodate smaller intimate gatherings with as few as 8 players. Our serene and relaxing environment offers a unique opportunity to entertain and build relationships with everyone within your organization.

We can host outside events any day of the week depending on the number of players in your group. Hosting your next golf outing at Burl Oaks gives your group access to championship, private club golf that will have a lasting impact on your relationship building. Contact us today to start planning your outing.

Planning Your Event

Our dedicated team of professionals can customize a package to meet your golf outing needs. Planning your event at Burl Oaks starts with a consultation. We cover all the details of your event including:

  • Event schedule
  • Facilities
  • Equipment needs
  • Food or beverage requirements
  • Course designation
  • Staffing requirements

Our event coordinators will guide you through our event and meeting amenities and menus to help ensure your event is personalized to you. We can meet with you months before the meeting and refine your plans all the way up to the day of the event.

How to Schedule a Successful Company Golf Outing

Below are some recommendations for planning a smooth golf outing. Burl Oaks’ knowledgeable staff can help you along the way.

  • Set up a committee made up of organized, detail-oriented leaders who are good at event planning. These are the individuals that we will work with one-on-one.
  • Choose a date several months in advance to ensure that you secure your reservation.
  • Establish your budget that your company can work with. A budget will give us a good idea of the most-suitable customizable package that we can provide for you.
  • Decide what type of competition you want to provide for the day. Will this be a relaxing day where everyone plays golf at their own leisure, or are you going to boost a competitive spirit with a tournament? When your organization arrives, they will enjoy the day more if you have a game plan in mind.
  • Determine the size of your group. Our facilities can accommodate up to 144 players comfortably. Try to get commitments in advance and let us know all the way up to the day before the event how many participants you plan to bring.
  • Work out every detail, and leave nothing out. Our team has planned several corporate outings over the years. Therefore, we are happy to help you work out all of the logistics. The more prepared you are before the event, the more hassle-free it will be.
  • Determine what facilities and equipment you will need. Will players bring their own clubs, tees, and balls, or will we need to provide them? How many golf carts will you need? Will you need any meeting halls or catering?

Schedule a Corporate Golf Outing At Burl Oaks Golf Club

To find out more about how to schedule a golf outing at Burl Oaks Golf Club, then contact us today. We offer a wide range of activities for golfers of all ages and skill levels. To sign up, call us at 952-472-4909 . You can also send a message on our contact page.